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At the beginning of the year, the students are asked to fill out a short questionnaire about them. These are then distributed, along with a photo magnet, to church members who are willing to commit to praying for that student throughout the year.

Parent Resource Library

The Parent Resource Library is a thoughtful selection of books intended to assist parents with special needs within the family. The topics may include: discipline, family worship ideas, marriage enrichment, promoting literacy in children. The books may be checked out for a period of one month.

Parent Enrichment Seminars

The Home & School Association holds periodic Parent Enrichment Seminars. These are held on a weeknight, covering topics such as child nutrition, internet safety, discipline techniques, or family budgeting.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Every Spring the Home & School hosts a Teacher Appreciation Week in which we try to express to the teachers our immense gratitude for the services they provide for our children. The parents and children of each classroom are asked to be involved.

Fresh Bread Monday

Home & School offers fresh, whole-wheat bread every week. The cost is $5/loaf. Order forms must be turned in with the cash or checks (made payable to Scenic Hills Christian School) no later than Friday. Bread is available for pickup at the school on the next Monday at 3pm.

Ways You Can Help

Boxtops for Education

The Home & School Association collects General Mills’ Boxtops for Education. Check the Home & School Bulletin Board for a poster showing the many products that have these Boxtops, and turn them in to any of the students or teachers to help raise money for the school.

Teacher Supply Restock

Teachers frequently run out of everyday items needed in their classrooms. Below is a list of items requested. Next time you’re at the store, pick up a package or two, and turn it in to any of the teachers.

Target REDCard

You can sign up for a Target REDcard Debit Card (links through your bank—this is not opening a new line of credit) and save 5% on your purchases every time you use your card. You can link your card to Scenic Hills SDA Christian School and Target will donate 1% of your purchases to our school. For more information visit https://redcard.target.com/redcard/rc_main.jsp

Volunteer Opportunities

We have many opportunities for you to help!  Come back soon to see them.

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